Getting Pregnant Basics

If you’re a woman who’s interested in getting pregnant, learning about your reproductive health is a crucial first step in your journey towards pregnancy.

A woman’s reproductive system plays a major role in her chance of getting pregnant. And because each part of a woman’s reproductive system has its own unique role in getting pregnant, it’s important for women to know what these functions are when looking for help getting pregnant. Our Women’s Reproductive Health System section is the perfect place to find accurate definitions and descriptions on the role of a woman’s reproductive system and the role it plays in getting pregnant. Changes in a woman's reproductive system, such as menstrual cycle changes, can be indicators of fertility problems which can reduce a woman's chances of conceiving. Learn about the physical symptoms of infertility in women and assess your reproductive health.

In addition, our section on how the female reproductive system works provides a step-by-step description of what takes place during an average menstrual cycle, including what happens when an egg is fertilized. Learning about the male reproductive system and how it works is also a helpful step for couples trying to get pregnant. In addition, learninb about symptoms of male fertility problems is another important part of improving your chances of getting pregnant.

For women trying to conceive, one crucial question is: how long will it take to get pregnant? In order to answer this common pregnancy concern, Getting Pregnant offers a How Long Will it Take to Get Pregnant? section. Here, you’ll discover the average time it takes women to get pregnant and the average chance you have of getting pregnant each time you have intercourse.

Learn about how a woman's ability to get pregnant changes as she gets older in our Age and Egg Quality section as well as learn about the chances of getting pregnant if you are underweight. Find out about treatment options that can help you improve your egg health and increase your chances of getting pregnant.  

When you're trying to get pregnant, it seems like everyone who knows about it has advice. You may want to take a look at our Common Beliefs About Conception page to parse the fact from the fiction.







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Had my last period on 15 Jan and it lasted 4 days.on 25 and 29 Jan I had an unprotected sex.since 31 Jan till today 2 Feb I have been spotting.could I b pregnant or what?pls help me.
Has anyone used a home insemination kit and did it work? I've met a gay man on that is going to co-parent with me. I want to know how long it takes and if AI is the best method?
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