BBT Breakthrough

As many as one out of every six UK women have trouble conceiving. Experts estimate that this figure will rise to every one in three by the year 2020. A great many women have turned to expensive and invasive reproductive techniques like IVF to attain their dream of carrying and delivering a child. However, IVF has a success rate of only 20%. Now, a new device called DuoFertility has been developed as an exciting new technique that may help women increase their chances of natural conception without the need to resort to IVF and other complicated procedures.

Maximizing Potential

The new technique centers on a method for measuring body basal temperature (BBT). BBT readings represent the lowest temperature the body attains at rest. This measurement rises by 0.3oC when a woman is ovulating. Knowing the exact time of ovulation means that a woman can make sure to have intercourse at the most fertile time of her cycle so as to maximize her potential to conceive a child.

Keeping track of a woman's BBT may sound like a great idea in theory as a means for ensuring natural conception, but experts don't find this to be a very reliable measure for predicting ovulation. Those using this method must take their temperatures and create a chart. Until now, human error in the course of both measuring and charting the measurements has been considered a factor in negating BBT as a reliable means of bringing about natural conception.

Now, however, the monitor known as DuoFertility has overcome this issue with its revolutionary technology. The automatic device measures a woman's BBT 20,000 times in a 24 hour period. This allows for couples to identify the woman's most fertile times as many as 6 days in advance of ovulation. The user can input information on physiological signs of impending fertility. The monitor is set up with high-level algorithms that serve to predict the optimal times for intercourse by almost a week prior to this period.


But DuoFertility is not just technologically advanced; it's also user and physician-friendly. The inventor of the DuoFertility monitor, Dr. Shamus Husheer elaborates, "All data can be displayed on a computer for examination in greater detail by the user or her doctor. Under strict confidentiality, each entry is also sent to DuoFertility's servers for further analysis, comparing this user to every other user and flagging any unusual patterns so that our fertility experts can provide personalized advice promptly."

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