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charlybad1 - June 9th, 2011 12:05 AM

Hi, am new to this site, hope you are all well, I was hoping someone could give me a little advice or maybe share their thoughts/experiences with me. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and a year ago, he had a vasectomy reversal. The original vasectomy was done nearly 14 years ago which he now regrets but at the time, things in his previous marriage were unbearable and he felt that it was wrong to have any more children. Things changed when they divorced and we met but we now regret leaving things so long as our surgeon has told us that the longer between procedures, the lower the chance of myself conceiving. My husband had the operation which was successful but until next month we will not know if his tubes are too blocked for the sperm to get through. My husband has been working abroad for the last 3 years which is why we have not had the opportunity for him to come back to england to have the test.I have been trying to time my visits with when i should be ovulating but pregnancy has not happened yet. I am moving out to be with him this month so hopefully it will happen naturally, but while i am still young (33) my husband is now 48 and doesn't want to leave it too much longer and neither do I. I was wondering if anyone had had MESA treatment or had been/going through the same situation as we are and could offer any advice.I know we will not get the treatment on the NHS and we paid privately for the reversal but I was hoping some one could give me possible success statistics, or recommend a fertility specialist, or just any kind of info would be great. sorry for the long winded post but thought a little back ground info may be useful. many thanks, char


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