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sbl - July 23rd, 2011 9:31 AM

Hi all,
So I'm new to this I've never written on any TTC forum before so bare with me.
Myself and my Husband having been trying for a baby for 18 months now the first 6 months We didnt really try that hard as we are both young and assumed (foolishly) that it would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately thats not the case.
My periods are regular but a little on the long side at 34 days, I get middle of the month cramps which i assumed was ovulation but yet nothing. My GP is quite frankly getting on my last nerve at this stage as she fobs me off saying I am still young and that I will not be a priority for specialist at this stage. Apparently the waiting list in ireland to someone as simple as OB/GYN is crazy unless We go private.
I am really getting down about it at this stage its absolutely awful,allot of my friends/family are prego at the mo and I am happy for them but kind of sad for us. I must also tell you that at 17 i did get pregnant which ended in mc but it was not with my husband.
I've always thought it was me who had the fertility issue but allot of people are now telling me it could be my husband. So has anybody out there got any suggestions or advice at this stage i would greatly appreciate it.
thanks in advance

spiyer99 - July 26th, 2011 4:25 PM

Hi sbl
I know how hard its for trying or waiting to conceive and no luck.But good thing in your case is you did get pregnant before and also your periods are regular still.
I guess in your case the delay must be because you are assuming the ovulation and not able to pinpoint the most fertile days of your cycle.
Apart from cramps you should also look for other signs of ovulation like cervical mucus,basal temperature or some OPK tests if possible and know for sure when are you ovulating in your cycle and plan intercourse a day before,on the same day and day after ovulation.hope you are trying out the same way.
yeah fertility issues can touch anybody's health, so could be with your husband or may be not or may be you guys just need to hit at the right time :)

tc and lots of luck to you


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