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gemsy - August 31st, 2011 12:22 PM

hi everyone, this is completley new to me, but really glad i have found this website!!!! the past 2 months have been an emotional rollercoster for myself, and my poor husband has been taking alot of the pressure from how i have been behaving!
last year i came off the pill a month before our being me, i assumed we would pretty much fall pregnant within the first 6 months of our marraige! we wasnt trying too hard, we even for 2 months used condoms because we still wanted to enjoy a bit of married life together! but the last 5 months we have been trying for a baby and with still no joy! i never wanted it to be an issue, i just wanted it to happen when it was meant to happen, if that makes sence!
but the past 2 months i have been very down, crying alot, feeling very depressed! and what used to be fun sex when we wanted was now only pretty much when i was ovulating, and thats what we both didnt want!
I think what i am trying to say is myself and my husband are actually ready now for a family, we have been together for 8 years married for nearly a year and the last thing that would complete us would be our own family. We have spoken alot about this and my husband has been great and very understanding, what makes things worse is 2 girls at my work that wernt even trying for childeren are now pregnant and there is now a sweepstake on me to get pregnant! which is all light hearted but i do find it very difficult! i am very happy for my friends at work, and do get involved because it is a special time for them, but inside i feel like i have been crushed, i know i have to cheer up and be postitive because this will not help us get pregnant! but i have to admit this is one of the hardest times i think i have had.


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