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Sarahxxx - February 22nd, 2012 10:30 AM

Hiya all,

Can anyone tell me have they had any experience of the fertility monitor above?

They "guarantee" you fall pregnant in a year or your money back (!!!!!!) It is approx £450 to buy and works via a sensor system and a team of on call experts to help you determine your exact fertility days and iron out any problems with your cycle.

Has anyone used one?

Sarah x

noa101 - March 5th, 2012 11:48 AM

hi Sarah, what really helped for me was to use the digital ovulation test rather than the normal ones.. I have not used the monitor, I was thinking about it but it was a bit expensive. What happen with me is that for almost 7 months I was using the non-digital and I was matching up the lines to see when they were equal e.g I was due to ovulate but I never got pregnant,. Then I used the digital ones instead and there is no personal judgment just a smiley face for when you ovulate and a circle if you do not… I was ovulating for days earlier than I thought, I got pregnant immediately but unfortunately had a miscarriage, 2 months after this same thing did the digital test again ovulation earlier then I had normally recorded and this time I got pregnant again !! I am now 28 weeks pregnant so best of luck to both of us !! I bought them online since they were cheaper I also use the same company called ExpertFertility for conception vitamins and now for pregnancy


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