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rosie71 - April 8th, 2012 4:56 PM

Hi, I will try to tell you everything to put you in picture. I was 40 in december. I had Ivf treatment which had to be stopped because I wasn't responding. I also only had until my birthday to have IVF on nhs. It was all physically and mentally ver hard. My sister offered to donate her some of her eggs to me if we could try again. Well now we are on the verge of maybe being able to do it, we have been to see the consultant, been told how much etc. Then was told we had to go to the councellor, so me and my bf went then my sister and her husband. Now we have come to another big decision. We have been told my sister has got to go for another blood test, for, if can remember right is for autism and cant remember other. But she was also told by the councellor that I'm coming up to my menopause, which they never said to me,( i also had been told recently by a nurse and doctor that I wasn't and was to young) also my sister was told she is also coming up to the menopause, and she's only 35!..
The other thing is as with my other attempt at IVF we only have until my sisters birthday in June, when she will be to old to donate! So we have until the end of next week to decide what to do. She was also told all about things that could go wrong, which doesn't help. Any thoughts or ideas or anything would be great, pref positive! thanks for reading this.


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