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russelldavis - March 14th, 2011 7:55 PM

 Hi, my name is Russell Davis and having had 10 years of double infertility I can relate to the roller-coaster of emotions that are often experienced with this.  I personally found the ever number of false dawns and increasing lack of hope difficult as well as the anger, jealousy and grief.    

Since then I have trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and looking back I can see how our state of mind played an impact in our fertility.  I also wish I utilised this more for a positive impact knowing what I now know about how our mind affects our body. 

I have developed self hypnosis programs for natural and assisted conception which utilise the mind-body link to ensure your mind and body are in the optimal state for achieving your goal of  becoming pregnant.   You may be aware of how stress and other factors can impact the delicate balance of hormones required to get pregnant (whether naturally or assisted).  

New research shows how our mind can even affect our biology, e.g. you can influence your hormones and other factors required for success.  

I am keen to share this with some people for free. 

It works by you listening to a short relaxing (10-12mins) mp3/CD track before you go to sleep each night.  It even doesn\'t matter if you fall asleep as your unconscious mind is still awake.  I will provide individual support and advice by email and telephone as appropriate.    I am putting the finishing touches to an ebook explaining how our minds affect our bodies and particularly fertility and things you can do to make use of this. As soon as it is complete I will make it available here. 

If you are interested in taking part please or would like more information please email me at russell AT

Best regards



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