Coping With The Stress Of IVF Treatment

Most couples just assume that having a baby when the time is right will be a natural part of their journey together. However, the reality is that a growing number of people are struggling with infertility problems and finding that conceiving isn't as straightforward as they had thought. For some couples, assisted reproduction techniques such as IVF give infertile couples the chance of becoming parents. The reality of IVF is difficult and it's important to develop good coping skills to get you through this difficult time.

Why Is IVF Difficult?

For many couples the choice to start IVF comes as part of a long process to discover the causes of their infertility. IVF has become a lot more common in recent years but despite all the advancements in medical technology IVF is still a difficult treatment to undergo.

IVF can be a very costly treatment and there are no guarantees as to whether it will work or how many cycles of IVF you will need. There is no way of predicting exactly what the final cost will be. It is also a very emotionally draining time with many ups and downs. This combined with the physical demands of harvesting eggs, implanting them, sperm retrieval, drugs to take and frequent blood tests, can make IVF a real challenge.

Is There A Correct Way to Cope With IVF?

You might find that many people have opinions about the way you should be coping with infertility and the demands of IVF. However, coping is a very personal issue and each person needs to find their own way. Couples should not feel guilty for expressing their emotions and frustrations. It is important to give yourself credit for how well you've managed and this does not mean that should feel apologetic for having 'bad days'.


IVF can impact on your marriage and your relationships with close family and friends. Often it's a time of conflict in marriage as both partners are under huge pressure. It is a crucial time to keep the lines of communication open. You both need to be open about the issues that IVF is raising. You should not worry too much about tensions at this time as it is very normal.

Friends or family often make comments that seem inappropriate or hurtful. Usually this is done out of ignorance or discomfort rather than a desire to hurt you. Be honest with the people you care about. Tell them how you are feeling and when their 'helpful' advice is not beneficial to you.

Be Good To Yourself

Set aside time for yourself and as a couple to spend time on activities not related to IVF. Whether it involves pursuing hobbies, meeting up with friends or enjoying quiet time, it is crucial that you remember to be good to yourself.

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