Getting Pregnant Positions

When couples are having problems conceiving, a great strain can be placed their sex life. Difficulty getting pregnant can add feelings of stress and frustration to the already often-overwhelming experience of getting pregnant, which can in turn decrease your odds. While is there no set number of times that a couple should have sex in order to successfully get pregnant, there are certain tips that can help improve your chances of pregnancy both during and after sexual intercourse. Read on to learn more about some of the best positions for conception sex and about how to increase your chances of getting pregnant during conception sex.

Tips on Getting Pregnant: Getting Pregnant Positions

Here are some helpful getting pregnant position tips that will help you on your journey to trying to get pregnant:

  • general medical opinion suggests that the missionary position is the best getting pregnant position while any position in which the woman is on top is considered the worst for getting pregnant; this is thought to be because such positions defy the force of gravity and thereby hinder the upward movement of sperm. Another position that can improve your chances of getting pregnant is spooning, because it is a relaxing position for both individuals
  • staying still for twenty minutes after withdrawal can also increase a woman's chances of conceiving; this is because staying still after sex enables the sperm to travel up the vagina and helps it to become absorbed by fertile cervical fluid. Positive thinking techniques practiced during this time, such as visualization, can also improve your chances of getting pregnant

Female stimulation is also believed to improve the chances of getting pregnant. When a woman experiences an orgasm, she is more likely to get pregnant.  This is because an orgasm may help to push the sperm forward into the uterus, helping them along the way to reaching your egg.  Also, a bit of fun during conception sex is never a bad thing.

Similarly, lubricants are not recommended, as they can have a negative impact on sperm and therefore decrease the odds of getting pregnant.  Most lubricants prevent sperm from being able to swim forward and therefore prevent them from reaching your egg.  Read more about various lubricants to find out more about which lubricants are ok and which are not when trying to get pregnant.  

If you're feeling stressed and lack energy to have sex on a regular basis, schedule sex during ovulation, which is the most fertile period of your menstrual cycle.  Learning to chart your cervical mucus and your basal body temperature in order to know when you will be ovulating.  You can also consider purchasing an ovulation prediction kit which will help you to know exactly when you ovulate.  This is the best time to have sex if you are hoping to get pregnant.  

It's also important to ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right and exercising in order to battle stress and depression: both of which can affect your sex drive and your chances of getting pregnant, as well as help you and your partner revitalize your libido.  Alcohol, drugs and fatty foods are neither good for your libido or for your fertility.

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